Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Cliche, much?

When I have a bad day, it's not like a few bad things happen, or I'm bummed out, or something simple like that. It's as though the fates align to make sure that as many irritating things possible happen ALL AT ONCE. As of 11:25 am on August 15th, 2006

1. Bed broke as a result of my reorganization.
2. Hot water is out again, resulting in a less than attractive hairstyle for the day.
3. Spilled coffee on self in cab.
4. Arrived at work, only to find that the other two women who own the distinctive skirt I am wearing also chose this day to wear it. Only they don't have the coffee stains.
6. Dentist appointment.
7. Hit by a cab on my way to the dentist.
8. Fell in puddle as a result of being hit by cab, adding an interesting mix to what's going on with my skirt.
9. Returned to office, to find that receptionist is out, which means that I will have to fight with the new phone system instead of taking a lunch break.

It can only get better, right? Right?


  • At 9:00 AM, Blogger Endment said…

    found your blog from Five Wells and discovered how skillfully you describe a day in the "City" How well I remember those days and how glad I am to be living in the country
    Hope your days get better soon!!!


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